About Dr. Nick and this website

Hi everybody! I'm Nick Norton, and I'm gonna write this in first person. I've been a composer and multi-instrumentalist since I was a kid, and have always had a strong interest in music tech.

I completed my PhD in music at UCSB in 2018, and since then I've worked in a huge number of roles, all of which are related to music technology in one way or another. One day I find myself setting up mics and gain staging preamps for a recording session, the next I am cutting tracks in Pro Tools as a music editor on a TV series, the next I'm building myself a pedalboard of analog guitar effects that can be fully controlled by Ableton Live, the next I'm removing background sounds from a live recording, the next I'm patching and time-aligning speakers for a concert venue... this list gets pretty endless, in a way that I really enjoy.

I really like helping people. I've thus become the go-to music tech help guy for a lot of friends. I also taught music technology at UCSB and Cal Poly Pomona, but at some point decided a teaching career wasn't for me.

So I got into industry, and am learning new audio production skills left and right daily, and taking lots of notes for myself. This got me to thinking: what if I took my answers to friends' questions, and the stuff I learn at work, and just put them up as blog posts so that other people could learn useful and helpful things too, and also I could more easily reference it?

Thus this site was born. I don't exactly know what it's going to be yet, but I'm going to start posting little tutorials and factoids and things like that as I use and do them, and then eventually there'll be enough here to really make the site a useful reference for people (and myself!).

I hope you dig it. And if there's music tech support you're in need of help with, please do ask! Maybe the answer will become a blog post.


Dr. Nick

Dr. Nick Norton
Dr. Nick Norton. Photo by Brandon J. Rolle.